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Welcome back to Playing Text, the Sunday column all about text-based games!

This week's game is Brave Soul and is an adult-oriented game. Make sure you're 18+ before playing this one.

Brave Soul can be purchased at Jlist and the JASTUSA official site.

coverBrave Soul is an older title for PC from 2001 and has a feel similar to PC-98 games save for the full color CGs. The game is essentially a simple RPG with some pornographic content, not a VN in the truest sense.

You start the game as Rudy, a lazy guy who mooches off his father and doesn't do much else. He wakes up tied up in the forest and soon finds out his father did this to force him to become a hunter (essentially an adventurer in this world.) He takes to this job rather quickly and soon runs into Alicia; a mysterious blue-haired girl who is talented with magic and incredibly clumsy.

Upon finding her he realizes she looks exactly like a woman he has been seeing in his dreams for 10 years; a woman he has taken to calling "moon goddess" because she always appears in front of a full moon. During the course of this light-hearted game you will find other heroines, fight lots of monsters and walk through infuriating dungeons.

Well, I found the dungeons infuriating but that was because a lot of areas look very similar due to the tilesets used. There was one dungeon I spent almost an hour on because I kept getting to where I was supposed to go and then would turn around, not realizing that I had made it. Needless to say, the environments that weren't towns and the like could've used some more variety.

Tied up in the woods.

The music in the game is pretty awesome; it has a very Falcom-esque sound to it. Since it's from 2001 the music is done in MIDI; this is not a drawback for me whatsoever because I love the sound of it. Many of the tunes are catchy and make running around dungeons for hours like an idiot much more tolerable. Interestingly this game also features full voice acting despite it's age; albeit the quality is lower than modern games.

What sets this one apart from many other RPGS - besides the porn - is that it has different possible endings with each of the female characters. These tend to be scenarios where you get married and the like but some of them are fairly goofy. Getting different endings all depends on the choices you make in-game, including which characters you bring with you on quests.

Alicia is a total clutz.

Now on to the part you've been waiting for: the porn. To be perfectly honest it takes quite some time for any of it to come up; for the first few hours all I saw was a partially nude photo that had no real sexual connotation to it. If you're not into the RPG elements and/or want the goods right away, this one is going to turn you off (ha!) pretty darn fast. If you're grossed out by weird sex have no fear, this one is pretty standard and don't include any of the really wild stuff (I'm looking at you, Water Closet.)

With selectable difficulty, multiple endings, and lots of things to discover; this one will keep you busy for many, many hours. Anyone looking for a quick and dirty game should move onto a genre called nukige (basically "masturbation aid") instead; otherwise you will be left wanting for quite a while.

Well that happened.

Thanks for reading. What game would you guys like to see covered?

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