Xenoblade Chronicles 2's First Patch Coming Next Week

Published: December 14, 2017 12:28 AM /


Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Header

Director Tetsuya Takahashi at Monolith Soft has detailed Xenoblade Chronicles 2's first patch, set to come out next Friday, December 22nd. This first update brings bugfixes, plus some quality-of-life changes to the monstrous JRPG. These changes include an Easy mode in the "Tiger! Tiger!" minigame, further zoom levels accessed by pressing down the L stick, and a change to its fast travel function. These changes are just the first wave of enhancements, and Takahashi promises that further changes are coming next year.

The changes to Xenoblade Chronicles 2's map is sure to be a welcome one. Multiple complaints have been levied at its minimap, which has been described as "kindergarten-esque" and feels like its "withholding information." Not only that, but its reliance on sub-menus means paging through endless screens just too fast travel. Despite this, worldwide reception to Monolith Soft's gigantic RPG has been positive, with praise particularly aimed at the scale and ambition. Thankfully, it appears as though Monolith Soft has been listening to complaints, and adjusting Xenoblade Chronicles 2 accordingly.

The post also detailed further additions to second playthroughs of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. Players will soon have access to more Blades and be able to dispatch different Blades on special quests. More quests and "additional elements" are planned for all players, not just those who bought the expansion pass. This plan lines up with earlier news that came from a Nintendo Direct in November. A new rare Blade, a challenge battle mode and a new story are all coming as part of the Expansion Pass. This first update also brings rare crafting materials and items to Expansion Pass holders. Xenoblade Chronicles 2's first patch comes to everyone next Friday, December 22nd.


Xenoblade Chronicles 2 may be a sequel to the stellar Xenoblade Chronicles, but it is in name only. Taking place on a new world and featuring new characters, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 follows the story of a boy and his living weapon friend as they attempt to find a new home for humanity. Much like previous Xenoblade games, massive monsters and an impressive sense of scale take center stage. With the first patch adding in much-needed changes, the future for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 looks bright. You can get your hands on the patch available next Friday, on December 22nd.


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