Xbox Series X Velocity Architecture is a "Radical Reinvention'

Published: July 14, 2020 1:01 PM /


Xbox Series X Velocity Architecture cover

The Xbox Series X Velocity Architecture has been detailed in a brand-new blog post, hyping up some serious tech that makes up an important part of Microsoft's next-gen console.

Take a look at the Xbox Series X Velocity Architecture Trailer to see some of the console's next-gen games in motion while also learning a bit about this cool new tech!

Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X are sporting SSDs for the first time in either console brand's lifetime. While the PS5 has already had a rather lengthy presentation explaining its tech (which wasn't targeted at the layperson, mind), Microsoft hasn't gone too deep into the details of its upcoming console.

Now, a news post on the Xbox website details the Xbox Series X Velocity Architecture with a lot of technical language. We'll do our best to break it down for you in simpler terms!

Xbox Series X Velocity Architecture slice

What is the Xbox Series X Velocity Architecture?

It would be difficult to have an appreciation for Velocity Architecture unless you were one of those people who is always following the latest and greatest tech news. If you are one of those people, then you should read the news post and marvel at all the tech specs. For the rest of us, here's the simple breakdown: the Xbox Series X is gonna be hella fast.

How fast? Well, there will be more than 40 times higher I/O throughput. In practical terms, that should mean faster loading times and faster response times for your games, although all of this power will depend on how well the various developers can make use of it.

This same beefy hardware will make it easier for developers to compress data. Should they take advantage, we could see smaller download sizes without the usual downside of longer loading time to uncompress data.

Best of all, the Velocity Architecture means that we won't see some of the traditional faults of SSDs which may have to slow their speeds due to overheating or stress. The Xbox Series X's SSD and hardware have been specially designed for sustained use, so it should be able to avoid those problems entirely.

What do you think of the Xbox Series X Velocity Architecture? Do you think game developers will be able to take advantage of its faster speeds? Let us know in the comments below!

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