World War Z Undead Sea Update Adds New Mission, Infected, More

Published: June 5, 2019 9:15 AM /


world war z undead sea

The first major free update for Saber Interactive's World War Z adds a new mission, infected type, and many quality-of-life fixes. The update video also reveals that World War Z has crossed the two million players mark, less than two months after release. The new mission added rounds out the Japan chapter and takes place aboard a giant cruise ship that's become infested with the undead. Players must battle through wide-open spaces and through tight hallways and cabins in order to rid the ship of the intruders. The Japan chapter is already considered the hardest set of levels in the game, and the "Cruise Control" mission looks to be no different.

The Undead Sea update also brings with it a new special infected type, the Infector. Similar to Left 4 Dead 2's Spitter, the Infector spews noxious bile at survivors. In World War Z however, players must clean off the vomit before progressing, or otherwise risk turning into a zombie themselves. The Infector must also be finished off with a melee attack, otherwise, it will regenerate its health entirely and charge at the players. Some other major fixes include FOV and animation quality sliders, private lobbies across all platforms, a new Extreme difficulty, the ability to change PvP loadouts mid-match, and the option to turn bots off for private lobbies.

Many of the weapon upgrades have also been rebalanced, and the different paths are now more distinct. Many more changes are all available over on the forums, as well as some PC-specific difficulty changes. The Undead Sea update just barely missed its initial planned release window in May, if the roadmap is any indication. After pushing out this latest update, Saber is next working on "cosmetics earned through gameplay achievements," as well as continued work on weapon balancing and an "expanded progression system." For anyone looking to dive into World War Z's frenetic zombie-killing action, it looks like there will be plenty of updates to come. If you want to find out more about it, our review will tell you all about the game.


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