Wildstar's Destination Arcterra Update Available Now

Published: March 31, 2016 10:41 AM /


Wildstar Destination Arcterra

Since Wildstar went free to play last year, the game hasn't really seen a major content update deployed to the live servers. This, however, has officially changed now that the Destination Arcterra update has officially gone live. This update adds quite a bit of content to the game, including a completely new zone, a dungeon and some graphical upgrades! 


This new continent is the titular Arcterra, a frozen and inhospitable wasteland that was previously undiscovered by the player factions, as well as the enigmatic Caretaker, the AI that controls pretty much everything on the planet. 

This update also introduces snowballing boss encounters, with bosses getting progressively harder to kill with each previous boss you killed. That first boss may only need you and a buddy to down, but before you know it you'll encounter bosses that need a full 20-man raid group to slay! Dynamic events called Blizzards will periodically spawn 20-man bosses in the zone. Killing these will net you keys, and these keys will give your faction access to a dungeon. The first faction to gather enough keys to enter that dungeon will have exclusive access to it for 24 hours after which the search for they keys begins anew.  

Many thought that the release of this update would coincide with the game's release to Valve's Steam Store, but as of yet there is no word on when Wildstar is making its promised debut on the popular online store. One would reasonably assume that releasing on the Steam Store would do the game and the company a lot of good, especially when you consider that developer Carbine Studios recently had to lay off a large portion of its employees and cancel Wildstar's debut on the Chinese market

 The Destination Arcterra update is available now to anyone who has the game. 


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