Wholesome Snack Holiday Edition 2020 Highlights Upcoming Indie Games

Published: December 16, 2020 2:31 PM /


Wholesome Snack December 2020 cover

The Wholesome Snack Holiday Edition 2020 stream has arrived! As the name implies, this special livestream event is all about wholesome games and there was a lot of neat indies highlighted today.

Wholesome Snack is a volunteer-run media presentation that aims to show off "wholesome" games from a variety of creators. There have already been a few shows of this style and now a new one has arrived just in time for the holidays, detailing recently-released and upcoming games with a wholesome vibe.

If you missed out on the premiere, you can watch the Wholesome Snack Holiday Edition below! After that, we'll give a brief rundown of all of the announcements.

All of the Wholesome Snack Holiday Edition 2020 Announcements

A bunch of great indie games (and some other fun surprises) were announced during the Wholesome Snack Holiday Edition 2020 livestream. These games feature a wide variety of gameplay — those of you who like super-chill indie games might find something to love!

Here's everything that was highlighted during the Wholesome Snack Holiday Edition 2020 Livestream:

Wholesome Snack Holiday Edition 2020 - Kitaria Fables

Kitaria Fables

Kitaria Fables is a game that's part farming RPG and part action RPG. Yes, you'll be able to grow your own crops — but you'll also have a looming darkness to fight just outside of Paw Village. If you're keen on stuff like Stardew Valley and the like, then this might just be the game for you.

You'll be able to get your hands on Kitaria Fables for PC and consoles in 2021. For now, you can learn more about it at its official website and add Kitaria Fables to your wishlist on Steam.

Wholesome Snack Holiday Edition 2020 - Venba


Venba is a "narrative cooking game" that's all about cooking traditional Indian food and the family that surrounds it. You and your family have immigrated to Canada in the 1980s — cook various dishes, rediscover lost recipes, and have conversations with your family on a variety of topics.

This game will be arriving for PC via Steam in November 2021 at a price of $9.99 or your regional equiivalent. If this seems like your kind of thing, you can add Venba to your wishlist on Steam. You can also swing by venbagame.com to learn more.

Wholesome Games Holiday Edition 2020 - Innchanted


Innchanted is a co-op game where you and your friends run an inn for adventurers in a fantasy world. Players can get together using online co-op, building their inn and improving its services for the world's various villagers. Also, your guests can ride giant wombats — and yes, you can hug them.

You'll be able to play Innchanted with your friends in 2021 on PC; you can add Innchanted to your wishlist on Steam and learn more about the game on its official website.

Wholesome Games Holiday Edition 2020 - Slice of Life - Songs from Wholesome Games Galaxy Fund

Slice of Life: Songs from Wholesome Games Benefitting Galaxy Fund

This album will be a compilation of 21 songs from "the community's defining games" and features artwork by @Mushbah on the cover. 100% of the proceeds will benefit the Galaxy Fund, an organization that benefits women, BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color), and LGBT founders of game development studios with startup grants.

Here's the tracklist for this special vinyl album:

Slice of Life: Songs from Wholesome Games A-Side Tracks

  • A01. A Short Hike - Somewhere In The Woods*  
  • A02. Wattam - Spring Jive   
  • A03. Snacko - Farm (Winter)*   
  • A04. Garden Story - Summer Bar (Day Theme)*   
  • A05. Ooblets - Twinkle Town*   
  • A06. Potionomics - Luna's Theme*   
  • A07. Onsen Master - Main Theme*   
  • A08. Here Comes Niko - Turbine Town*   
  • A09. The Spirit and the Mouse - Lila's Waltz*   
  • A10. Rainy Season - Amayadori*   
  • A11. Hoa - Hoa's Theme (Vinyl Version)*

Slice of Life: Songs from Wholesome Games B-Side Tracks

  • B01. Assemble With Care - Starting Again*
  • B02. Kind Words - Light Garden*
  • B03. Rolling Hills - Makisu Melody*
  • B04. Webbed - Hello Little Spider*
  • B05. Button City - Fruit Circuits*
  • B06. Chicory - Appie Foothills*
  • B07. Lonesome Village - The Villa*
  • B08. Pekoe - Chai Tea and Tai Chi*
  • B09. Calico - A Cat is a Cat*
  • B10. Spiritfarer - Song of Growth (Piano)*

All of the songs marked by a * are appearing on vinyl for the first time ever. If you'd like to grab this vinyl record for yourself, you can pre-order it at Black Screen Records and other retailers for $29.99/€29.99 or your regional equivalent; this album is expected to arrive sometime between March–April 2021.

Wholesome Snack Holiday Edition 2020 - Clouzy!


Clouzy! is a game that's all about exploring a fluffy, adorable world filled with living clouds. With your pet in tow, you can take care of clouds, collect items to cook meals, and explore a world filled with puzzles!

You'll be able to play this adorable game when it arrives on PC and Xbox in May 2021. For now, you can check out the developer's website at tinymoon.es and add Clouzy! to your wishlist on Steam.

Wholesome Snack Holiday Edition 2020 - Tracks of Thought

Tracks of Thought

X is a "self-exploration" game where you're stuck on a train with no destination. This game is all about understanding the perspective of one another — your choice and your personality will help shape the game. You can play a card game to represent a conversation, playing cards to move things along before your Energy runs out or your conversation partner gets too frustrated.

You can learn more about the game and its developer at tidbitsplay.com. As with many other games on here, you can add Tracks of Thought to your wishlist on Steam as well.

Wholesome Games Holiday Edition 2020 - Onsen Master

Onsen Master

Onsen Master is a "bathhouse strategy game" that's all about managing an Asian-style bathhouse. The product of a successful Kickstarter, this game will have you equipping an onsen with everything your guests might need. Best of all, you can play it with a friend!

If you're all about taking a good bath, you can add Onsen Master to your wishlist on Steam and learn more about it on its official website. It will be arriving on PC and consoles sometime in Early 2021.

Wholesome Snack Holiday Edition 2020 - Here Comes Niko

Here Comes Niko!

Here Comes Niko! is a 3D platformer that uses a mix of 3D levels and 2D sprites to provide players with a vibrant and colorful game world. As the newest employee of Tadpole Inc., you're tasked with being a "professional friend" by traveling to various islands and helping people catch fish, snag bugs, solve puzzles, and more.

Check out herecomesniko.com for more details about the game and don't forget to add Here Comes Niko! to your wishlist on Steam.

Wholesome Snack Holiday Edition 2020 - Potion Permit

Potion Permit

The mayor's daughter is ill, and she's not the only one. Fortunately, you're a talented healer — and that's what Potion Permit is all about. You'll have to gather ingredients, brew potions, and heal the townsfolks ailments. You'll also have to show down with a nasty monster or two!

Potion Permit is expected to be released sometime in 2021 for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. For now, you can add Potion Permit to your wishlist on Steam and learn more about the people behind the game at MassHive Media's website.

Wholesome Snack Holiday Edition 2020 - Cozy Grove

Cozy Grove

Cozy Grove evokes the style of Don't Starve minus all of that terrifying death and starvation. You'll be taking on the role of a Spirit Scout — a person charged with helping the ghosts of an ever-changing haunted island. This isn't a tiny game, either — you can expect a 40+ hour campaign!

This game will be coming to PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store sometime in the first half of 2021, along with the PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Check out its official website and add Cozy Grove to your wishlist on Steam, too!


The final game of the Wholesome Snack Holiday Edition 2020 is Calico, a game that's all about running an animal cafe. Players can place furniture in the cafe, and then it's a matter of populating it with adorable animals.

If this sounds like your kind of jam, there's good news — you won't have to wait to play it! You can buy Calico right now on PC via Steam for $11.99 or your regional equivalent. You can also buy it for Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or on other platforms at the same price via its official website.

And that's it for the Wholesome Snack Holiday Edition 2020 games! You can learn more about each of the games via their respective websites or Steam pages. There are sure to be even more Wholesome Snack presentations in 2021!

What's your favorite game revealed during the Wholesome Snack Holiday Edition 2020? What's your video game "comfort food" that you like to play when you feel like relaxing and destressing? Let us know in the comments below!