Wavedash Games Lays Off Most Of Its Developers

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Coming in the wake of Telltale Games' shocking studio closure (where employees were let go without advanced notice or severance), another studio is closing too - and the situation sounds quite similar.

California-based studio Wavedash Games, developer of early access platform brawler Icons: Combat Arena, announced they would be laying off "the majority of the development team." The statement continued:

When we started Wavedash three years ago, our mission was to create the game that we most wanted to play, and to share it with the world. Along the way, as the mission grew, we had the great fortune to be joined by some of the most talented, passionate builders in the game industry. Sadly, we have fallen short of our goals – but we feel immensely fortunate to have had the chance to bring Icons into existence, together.
They also acknowledge that the team was aware of the impending closure--or at least some sort of financial troubles--and worked to create a "Definitive" version of the game that the community can continue to play.

The problem with the closure is strikingly similar to Telltale's situation, not just because it is a developer closing down, but also due to unexpected layoffs. Gamasutra was told by a former Wavedash employee that the layoffs happened with less than a two weeks' notice. The website also reports that 5 employees remain of the 30 let off.

The statement by Wavedash says "We're committed to doing everything we can to help as you look to new endeavors." As for fans of Icons? Details will be available next week.

Quick Take

It's unfortunate to hear that another group of talented individuals are being let go, but with more media attention than ever before on layoffs in the game industry, I hope that Wavedash employees find a new home. The situation is different because of how many more employees were involved with Telltale Games, so the laws are going to apply differently here. Still, I have a feeling that it won't be the last we hear of this.

Did you play Icons? What's your take on the layoffs? Let us know in the comments below!

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