Valkyrie Crusade: Valentine's Day Grand Prix!

Published: January 28, 2016 11:50 PM /



February 14th, a day where love blossoms.
Chocolate, hard candy pudding......Maidens use a variety of sweets to profess their love.

In the Celestial Realm, however, might this day also give rise to a grand competition among the Realm's maidens!?

The new event for Mynet's card battle game Valkyrie Crusade is going to be "Valentine's Day Grand Prix". The event starts on 29 January, 2016 at 12:00 JST and ends on 12 February at 12:00 JST. 


This event will feature two exclusive Archwitches, Melty and Lolli, as well as a new Fantasy Archwitch, Chocolate Candy. The Legendary Archwitch Hiraga will continue to appear through the duration of this event.


Chocolate Candy is the Fantasy Archwitch. She's a Light attribute Ultimate Rare and a Light Buffer. She can be obtained through amalgamation of High Super Rare Melty and High Super Rare Lolli as well as through Archwitch drops. Her skill is called Sweet Tooth and raises the attack of all Light Attribute allies by 250% at level 10 before awakening. Sweet Tooth has a 15% proc chance pre-awakening. Godlike Ultimate Rare Chocolate Candy can also be amalgamated with the Rank Reward card Valentine's Crown to make the special GUR card, Candy Champion.



Melty is a Super Rare Cool Attribute maiden that is appearing as an Archwitch during this event. Her skill, Chocolate Drizzle, deals critical Cool damage to a single enemy. At level 10, it has a 20% proc chance. Her skill can actually be quite useful and players who are newer should definitely give some thought to using her.



Last, but not least, Lolli is a Dark Attribute Super Rare maiden. She, alongside Melty, appears as an archwitch during this event. Wall of Candy is her skill and raises the defense of all Dark attribute allies by 150%. It has a 30% proc chance at level 10, but really pales in comparison to Melty.

Three past Archwitches will be returning this event and appearing Witch Gates: Chocolatier (UR), Chocodevil (SR), and Claudius (SR). For this event, Witch Gate completion rewards will be 2 instead of the usual 3.


The Elemental Hall will be open for a limited period of time during the "Valentine's Day Grand Prix" event, opening on 5 February at 12:00 JST and closing again at the end of the event.

Lastly, those who complete area 4-4 and add Chocolate Candy to their attack team will unlock a special area for the 7 Million User Campaign!

Happy hunting!

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