Valkyrie Crusade Special Summon Available!

Published: January 25, 2016 9:31 AM /



For the next three days, Special Summon will be available in Valkyrie Crusade. Special Summon is available three times daily for a short period of time and has its own special line-up with cards you can't get anywhere else! Special Summon has two modes, Special Summon and 11 Special Summon. Special Summon costs 300 Jewels and summons one cards from the Special Summon line-up. 11 Special Summon is a 10+1 pull from the Special Summon line-up. It costs 3000 Jewels and pulls 11 cards every summon. 11 Special Summon guarantees at least one SR and each time a player summons with 11 Special Summon, the chance to pull a UR increases by 5%.

Of course with a new summon comes new cards that players will want to get. This event brings one Ultimate Rare and one Super Rare to the line-up.


Platinum Fairy is a Passion attribute team unleasher. Her skill, Fat Stacks, unleashes the skills of all allies (with the exception of other cards with a skill unleash of any kind). It has a 5% chance to proc at level 1 and after awakening and maxing the skill has a 15% proc chance. Her skill can only be proc'd once per battle, but when used in the correct deck composition, Platinum Fairy, like other team unleashers, can make an incredible impact on team damage.


Dinosaur is a Super Rare unleasher. Her skill is called Starving Strike and it unleashes a single ally's skill (barring other unleashers). It has a 30% proc chance after awakening and maxing and can proc three times in a battle. Unfortunately, the hefty price tag on Dinosaur definitely lessens her impact as Jean was just re-released in Witch Gates and Hyper Alchemist is available right now through Witch Gates and Elemental Hall and both are much more effective free cards for those who can obtain them.

Special Summon will be available for the next three days just three times a day for Valkyrie Crusade. The line-up includes a lot of other cards that can't be obtained anywhere else so those that want to try their luck look out for Special Summon and see what you can get! 

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