Valkyrie Crusade: Sisterhood of Thieves

Published: January 14, 2016 8:35 AM /



Nubee's popular mobile CCG, Valkyrie Crusade, has a new event kicking off starting on 14 January, 2016 at 12:00 JST. This new event, Sisterhood of Thieves, will feature a brand new limited-time enemies that can be fought for various rewards in the game. The event will end at 29 January 11:59 JST, so make sure you get started soon and don't fall behind! The event will take place on the event map "Kingdom Imperiled".


Sisterhood of Thieves will feature a new Archwitch, Rossa. Rossa is an Dark Super Rare card. She is not awakenable. Her skill Sexy Wink raises the attack stat of all Dark attribute allies by 150% chance. Sexy Wink has a proc chance of 50% at battle start and can be proc'd just 1 time at level 10. 


The accompanying Fantasy Archwitch is Nina. Nina is an awakenable, Passion attribute Ultra Rare card. Her skill Warning Tempest which deals 600% damages twice to the enemy. At skill level 10, Warning Tempest has a 15% chance. Those who obtain a Godlike Ultra Rare Nina can amalgamate her with the "President's Armband" item--obtainable as a rank reward--to get the card President Nina. Nina can also be amalgamated using HSR Rossa and HSR Paloma (show below).



Sisterhood of Thieves also brings a new Legendary Archwitch to the scene, Hiraga. Hiraga is an awakenable, Light attribute Ultra Rare card. Her skill, High-Voltage Device is a Salvo, dealing 150% damage to a single enemy with a simultaneous attack by all Light allies. After awakening her and raising her skill level to max, High-Voltage Device procs at a 15% chance.

Of course with a new event comes new Great Damage cards. This event currently has 2 Great Damage Ultra Rares, one Super Rares, and one Rare.


Sorcerer Slayer is a Dark attribute Ultra Rare available for awakening. In addition to dealing up to 15x bonus damage to current archwitches, her skill Burning Blood deals 400% dark damage to all enemies and renders them unable to move for 4 turns. Sound familiar? After awakening, her skill has a 20% chance to proc at level 10.


Londsay is the other Ultra Rare and is an awakenable Light attribute snowballer. Her skill, Peacekeeper, raises her attack 60% after each attack. Each stack is multiplicative, not additive, giving her some 900% to her attack stat.


Vasariah is the Super Rare Great Damage card. She's awakenable and cool attribute with the skill "Punishing Point". Punishing Point deals 200% cool damage to all enemies and renders them, unable to move for 1 turn. Her awakened skill deals 250% damage and procs at a 20% chance.


Doggy Detective is the last Great Damage card for now. She's a Rare card, so she only deals up to 7x bonus damage to Archwitches. Her skill is Detective Dog, which deals 300% damage to all enemies at a 20% chance.

Those with Great Damage cards will have a better chance that obtaining Azoth.


Azoth is an awakenable Ultra Rare card. After Awakening, her skill, Stone of Miracles, buffs all allies' attack by 300% and defense by 100% at max level. At max level, it has a 20% proc chance.

The Elemental Hall will open 21 January at 12:00 JST and will be open until the end of the event.

Sisterhood of Thieves will be available until 29 January 11:59 JST. Happy hunting!

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