Valkyria Chronicles 4 Season Pass Announced, Includes Four Missions

Published: March 22, 2018 10:13 AM /


valkyria chronicles 4 season pass

Sega has announced the Valkyria Chronicles 4 Season Pass, which will bring four additional scenarios to the game in the weeks following its release. Each piece of content will come roughly a week after one another, with the first coming on March 29th. The total cost of the Season Pass is 4320 Yen or roughly 40 USD. Buying the season pass saves 1000 Yen over buying all the packs individually. Sega has only announced the Season Pass for the PS4 version of Valkyria Chronicles 4, but as there are Xbox One and PC versions coming in the west, one would expect to see it on all platforms when Valkyria Chronicles 4 releases here later this year.


The Valkyria Chronicles 4 Season Pass is structured around two sets of missions, and each set will open up at different points in the campaign. The first set includes the missions "Squad E, to the Sea!" and "Captainless Squad E". Squad E, to the Sea! takes place in September 1935, and follows the squad to the ocean, as they attempt to cut off a major supply point for the Empire. Completing this mission unlocks swimsuit costumes for five of your party members. The second mission, Captainless Squad E, takes place in the winter of 1935. The squad's medic dog Ragnarok goes missing, and his caretakers set out to track him down. Unfortunately for the caretakers, they get into more trouble than they bargained for. Both of these missions will unlock after the completion of Chapter 10.

The second set of missions included in the Valkyria Chronicles 4 Season Pass are "Raid Battle Hard EX" and "The Two Valkyria". Raid Battle Hard EX is exactly what it sounds like, this time imagined as a harder version of a resupply mission for Squad E. The Two Valkyria is the more substantial of the two missions. Taking place in 1933, this mission sees Crymaria Levin, the Valkyria opposing you in Valkyria Chronicles 4, undergo a series of tests to determine her ability. She is supervised by Selvaria Bles, who returns from Valkyria Chronicles 1 and 3. This mission is clearly designed to bridge the gap between earlier Valkyria Chronicles games and Valkyria Chronicles 4. Completing The Two Valkyria unlocks a unit for your team, as well as swimsuit costumes for four more characters.

It's slightly disappointing to see that Hard EX mode only returns for a single mission as part of the Season Pass, instead of a full-fledged mode like in the first Valkyria Chronicles. Nevertheless, we'll keep an ear to the ground, should Sega change the Season Pass for Valkyria Chronicles 4's Western release. Valkyria Chronicles 4 releases for the PS4 in Japan on March 21st, and worldwide on the Xbox One, Switch, and PS4 sometime later this year.



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