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This War of Mine Update

In a gaming landscape where everything seems to be sold off in bits and pieces in terms of DLC, it's nice to see that some companies have taken it upon themselves to release reasonable content updates for the masses without charging a cent. In a game that could provide a powerful narrative experience already, now users can create their own custom experience as well in This War of Mine.

A whole new tool to create a story about a raptor who is caught in the middle of war.
A whole new tool to create a story about a raptor who is caught in the middle of war.

The newest update released on April 28th, 2015 includes a scenario editor. There's a bunch of choices here in terms of the scenario, as you're able to select who's involved, the weather conditions, the length of the conflict, and the locations in which the scenario plays out. Basically, to write your own story rather than the set stories created by 11 bit studios. The 2015 SXSW Gaming Award Winner has added new tools to give new life to its game as you can load and save stories. While it's not through the Steam Workshop, the ability to share your story through the appropriate .scn file located in the base installation of the game under CustomContent seems to be present. In short: go wild creating a story of tragedy, love, or sheer determination to share with the rest of your fellow gamers.

In addition, there is a character editor, which seems to allow you to upload your photo into your PORTAITS folder within the main game, to add yourself or your friends to the experience. There's no monochrome setting required either, as the game automatically changes the portrait to monochrome when selecting it. It is disappointing however that the game seems to only allow a 11 character name (hey would you look at that, 11 character name, 11 Bit Studios).

It may not be a Philosopher, but close enough.
It may not be a Philosopher, but close enough.

There's also some additional musical tracks specifically designed for the night missions as well as 2 new locations: an Old Town and a Looted Gas Station. Needless to say, now more then ever is a great time to take a look at the game that doesn't necessarily provide a "fun" experience per say, but one that will stay with you due to its powerful emotional tools and ability to tug on your heartstrings. If you haven't checked out, go look at our review to get a better idea of the experience in question.

For those who have the game, does this give you a reason to revisit it? Or for those who haven't purchased the game yet, does this give you a reason to take a look at the critically acclaimed game at this point? Lets us know, and share your scenarios with your fellow Raptors!

Update: A video has been included below to give a bit of developer commentary with the 1.3 release, including what is available in the release.


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