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Capcom has just released a statement on their blog that Umbrella Corps will receive a free multiplayer demo this weekend.

This demo applies only to Playstation 4 and not Steam. On the blog of Capcom employee Tim Turi, he mentions that “Existing owners and demo players will be able to play together during the demo period.”

As the headline implies, this free demo is only available to play this weekend. It started at 3AM EST this morning and will be playable until 2:59 EST Saturday night/Sunday morning.

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According to Turi, “The feature-rich demo includes access to online modes and maps set on the streets of Raccoon City, the derelict RPD building, and even the iconic Spencer mansion.” Capcom released this classic Resident Evil environment on July 7th as a free download for all Umbrella Corps players.

Turi also gives some information about the game itself, mentioning features such as 3 vs. 3 online matches and zombie jammers that keep enemies at bay until other players break them. He also mentioned the enemy types themselves. These include the classic zombies and zombie dogs but includes “other abominations” that prowl around each map as well.

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The game also includes a single player mode called The Experiment, where the player must complete a series of objectives. These take the protagonist through the different maps. Generally, the objective of each map is to collect a number of virus samples for your employer.

TechRaptor’s own Samuel Guglielmo reviewed the game when it released last month. He gave it a 7 out of 10, stating, “It takes some getting used to the turbo speed and strange camera, plus the tacked-on single player is a total fluke, but Umbrella Corps is a strangely compelling online shooter with a few unique ideas that made it a lot more fun than I was expecting.” While that is somewhat at odds with the critical consensus on the title, it may be worth your chance to see if you like you - after all it is free for the weekend.

Umbrella Corps is available for Playstation 4 and PC for $29.99.

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