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Star Trek Bridge Crew VR

Ubisoft showed off Star Trek Bridge Crew, the new Star Trek VR game, at their E3 2016 conference. Ubisoft showed a gameplay trailer featuring previous and current Star Trek actors playing the game together. You'll be able to play as Captain, Tactical, Engineer, and Helm as you traverse the Final Frontier, exploring new worlds, and battling classic Star Trek enemies. Along side the games main story missions, there will also be a random mission generator to help make the game feel more like you're part of a real Star Trek crew. 

Star Trek Bridge Crew

You'll have to work as an actual Star Trek crew in order to accomplish missions on board the U.S.S. Aegis. The game does take place in J.J. Abrams' Star Trek universe, but won't feature any of the movie's characters. Using VR to look around your battle station, activate and use your controls, and be aware of incoming threats. You'll face off against Star Trek enemies like Klingons, coordinating your defenses and attacks with your crew, and preparing your warp drive when you need a quick escape. 

Star Trek Bridge Crew Levar Burton
Levar Burton talks about his experience stepping back into his Star Trek role in playing Star Trek Bridge Crew.

You'll be able to use AI allies if you don't have three other friends to fill the spaces of your crew. Red Storm Senior Creative Director David Votypka describes Star Trek Bridge Crew as "...a lighthearted social experience. We want players to have fun...We don't want to create a complex tactical simulation." It looks like those new to the Star Trek universe won't have to worry about learning a bunch of jargon or doing in-depth research on lore to understand what's going on and how to play.

Star Trek Bridge Crew will be available on all major VR systems (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR) this coming fall. 



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