Apple Arcade Hits 100 Games with 6 New Arrives

Published: November 8, 2019 8:50 PM /


Apple Arcade Discolored

The next bundle of games to be added to Apple Arcade has shown up, and you can nab another six varied games to play with on the service.

First up is UFO on Tape: First Contact, a sequel to an experimental game from 2010. Your goal is to use your device to film a UFO as it flies around, and try to keep it insight of your camera at all times. Easier said than done when there are explosions, and you're in a car driving quickly. But the people demand proof, and you must provide it. UFO on Tape: First Contact is exclusive to Apple Arcade.

The second game available this week is Sociable Soccer. You'll play matches of soccer games while collecting cards of players and teams. You can then use these cards to give yourself even better players. You'll need them if you want to be the best soccer team around in this spiritual successor to Sensible Soccer by Jon Hare. While Sociable Soccer is currently only available to purchase on Apple Arcade, a PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One versions are also in the works. Previously Sociable Soccer had released in Early Access on Steam but it was delisted when due to signing with a publisher who wanted the mobile version first.

Next up is Discolored, a first-person puzzle adventure game. You play as a detective investigating a diner in the middle of the desert. For some reason, the diner has no color, and the detective needs to figure out how and why. Along the way, you'll solve weird puzzles and restore color to the world. Also move the moon with a crane, which is rather interesting. Discolored is set to come out on PC sometime soon as well.

You can also grab Marble it Up: Mayhem!, a marble platformer. It's a port of popular Marble platformer game on Steam Marble it Up!, with the promise that the new content from this version will be making its way back to Steam soon. Until then, you need to roll Marbles around stages and try to avoid rolling yourself off of a cliff. Marble it Up: Mayhem! is exclusive to Apple Arcade.

The fifth game is Guildings, an episodic adventure game with turn-based combat. You'll be exploring the world of "Wizards and Wifi," using a magic tome that looks a bit like an iPad to send text messages to your wizard friends. Or battle monsters. A bit of both really. Guildings is exclusive to Apple Arcade.

The sixth and final game is Takeshi and Hiroshi, a turn-based RPG made by a kid trying to make a game for their sick little brother. While you'll engage in turn-based combat, the story of the two brothers making the game is told in stop-motion. It promises to be a "short story" that can be finished in about an hour. Takeshi and Hiroshi is exclusive to Apple Arcade.

These six games now bring the service to 100 games, which can be grabbed for $4.99 a month.

How do you feel about this new batch of games? Going to play any? Feel like Apple Arcade is worth it? Let us know in the comments below!

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