TERA Releases New Knockout Update

Published: December 11, 2015 9:30 AM /


Brawler TERA

MMO TERA is ending the year with a big update called Knockout. A new character class, two dungeons, and high tier gear are all being added in this most recent update.  More end game content for the MMO will be a great way to finish out the year for players.


“It has been an amazing year for TERA, so what better way to top it off than by delivering an explosive KO punch,” said Patrick Sun, producer at En Masse Entertainment. “The addition of the brawler’s bad-ass fighting style offers a new way to experience our signature action combat. We’re also extremely excited to release Knockout in time for the holidays.”

Knockout brings a new tank class to the game called Brawler.With huge Powerfists she can deal a lot of damage and block it too. The Brawler has lockdown skills and crowd control at her disposal to aid fellow players when taking down large groups and BAMs.

En Masse Entertainment

Included in the update are two new level 65 dungeons, Kalivan’s Dreadnaught and the Forsaken Island. Kalivan’s Dreadnaught is a huge pirate ship infested with BAMs and bosses. Those that fight their way through the ship will be rewarded with Dreadnaught gear. The Forsaken Island is haunted and in addition to housing some of the most difficult bosses in the game also has the crafting materials for tier 9 Starfall weapons and armor.

The new endgame armor that has been added to TERA can be found in the new dungeons. Aside from the aforementioned Dreadnaught armor and Starfall crafting materials, the highest level earrings and brooches will drop in Kalivan’s Dreadnaught and the Forsaken Island. The best part of this high tier armor is that is has different stats for PVE and PVP, so players won’t have to carry around two sets of armor anymore.

The Forsaken Island dungeon

Players can participate in the “Brace for Impact” release event by logging into TERA now until January 12, 2016. Brawler themed prizes can be earned by completing exclusive event achievements, including a free mount. To learn more about the Knockout update visit the website here.

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