Task Force Admiral Shows Torpedo Bombers in Action in New Trailer

Published: July 9, 2023 12:54 PM /


Task Force Admiral Torpedo Bombers


Drydock Dreams Games released a new trailer of its upcoming naval strategy game Task Force Admiral - Vol.1: American Carrier Battles.

The video focuses on showcasing a squadron of Japanese Nakajima B5N2 Kate torpedo bombers as they attack a New Orleans-class heavy cruiser. Interestingly, we can see how the bombers execute a pincer attack to minimize the chance of evasion, but the cruiser's captain appears to be a World of Warships veteran. The title of the trailer mentions "Torpedo Beats" which is a common trope among content creators dedicated to Wargaming's game, as they play Initial-D style Eurodance music while they drift between torpedos. Unfortunately, no actual Eurodance is featured in this trailer.  

That being said, the performance of the AI is still quite impressive, which is great considering the nature of the game. You can check out what I mean below. 

Task Force Admiral - Vol.1: American Carrier Battles is coming exclusively for PC with no release date announced. It has been in development for quite a while, having been revealed in 2019 alongside the first group of games to be published by the revived MicroProse.

The game promises advanced strategy simulation gameplay with the player controlling American carrier task forces in the Pacific theater in 1942. It promises over 90 classes of ships and 40 types of aircraft, which is certainly a nice chunk of gear. 

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