Sword of Legends Online Has Pretty Dungeons

Today the developers showed off five of Sword of Legends Online's dungeons.

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Sword of Legends Online

Today the developers of Swords of Legends Online, Wangyuan Shentang Entertainment, showed off five of the dungeons that will be in their upcoming MMORPG. They are the Yemo City in Wuzhao, Nightmare Temple of Mercy, Frostbitten Path, Chou Prison, and Raging River Ruins. All of them look pretty unique--at least visually--so let's dive into them and see nice they look, shall we?

What are the dungeons in Swords of Legends Online?

The first one we'll be looking at is the Yemo City in Wuzha, where the royal house in found near the Yinsheng Spring. It's sacred to the God of Death, and there players will find themselves facing off against Wu Yeyu, who was "directly exposed to the explosion of the Demonsword." The direct impact against this evil cost her her humanity and sanity while also making her much stronger, making her a nice boss for players to get loot from. 

Wu Yeyu
Wu Yeyu.

The second dungeon is Nightmare Temple of Mercy, which was once a peaceful place but it's now a "hell beyond all hope." The reason for this is the Stranger's Sword, which is bathed in negative qi. The sword had spread Nightmare all over the temple, and it has manifested itself into the guise of General Wu  Rui, who is far more bloodthirsty and twisted than his real-life counterpart.

Nightmare Temple of Mercy
Nightmare Temple of Mercy.

The third dungeon shown off is the Frostbitten Path, which is in the mountains behind the Qingliangzhai (say that three times fast) fortress. Meijia has taken over this place, which means players will have to fight through her demons to get to her. Eventually, you'll also fight a giant spider by the name of Han Yi, so if you're not into giant spiders at all, don't come to this dungeon.

Frostbitten Path.
Frostbitten Path.

The fourth dungeon is the Chou Prison, which is where many criminals found their end under the previous dynasty. In the prison, there are many watery passages in all directions that players will have to navigate, now filled with beasts and Tongpi, who has bronze armor that protects him from all attacks and presumably must be ripped off him.

Chou Prison.
Chou Prison.

Last but not least is the Raging River Ruins, where fifty years ago the Devastator Sect erected altars and temples and fought against the schools. After the battle, the temples were torn down, with their ruins presumably disappearing. However, with the rise of the Plaguebringer the ruins have been re-revealed, and with them comes the Spring Plague General, who was created by Nyowu and whose Soulforce is bound to the Ruins themselves. Check out the gameplay below:

Swords of Legends Online will be releasing later this summer on Steam. For more gameplay and information on the upcoming MMORPG, stay tuned to TechRaptor 

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