Surgeon Simulator 2

Surgeon Simulator 2 Announced for Epic Games Store

December 12, 2019

By: Austin Suther


It's been nearly seven years since the release of the hit game Surgeon Simulator. During The Game Awards tonight, we got a sneak peek at the sequel to this goofy, bloody game.

Surgeon Simulator 2 is coming in 2020 on the Epic Games Store. Here's the description to the announce trailer above:


Arriving in 2020, the electrifying sequel that is Surgeon Simulator 2 promises to inject a delirious dose of adrenaline straight into the heart of the original, cranking everything up to a whole new level. Not to mention, throws in a handful (or four?) of surprises along the way!

You can also sign up for updates on Surgeon Simulator 2 on the game's official website, found here.

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Quick Take

Admittedly, Surgeon Simulator is a game I've completely forgotten about. I'm not sure if the gameplay merits a sequel, either, as I've never found it compelling. The trailer doesn't sell it for me, either. Maybe I'm just not the target audience, but what else can you do with the series? I always thought of it as a gimmicky type of game, but who knows, maybe Bossa can add some more life to the gameplay, no pun intended.

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