Super Mario RPG Remake Announced

Published: June 21, 2023 10:20 AM /


Super Mario RPG Remake showing Mario holding up a super stars

Over 25 years ago, Nintendo and Square Enix partnered for a landmark game - Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. An acclaimed title released near the end of the SNES life, it also managed to sell quite well, but it's never had a modern remaster, or any type of sequel. That ends now as Nintendo and Square Enix announced a Super Mario RPG Remake today.

Coming November 17th, the trailer shows a highly faithful remake, aiming to make Super Mario RPG remake a direct availability to today. There is entirely new graphics for it that look quite nice and seem to fit the style. Otherwise, it appears to be Super Mario RPG as you remember. This puts it similar to another recent remake from Nintendo in Link's Awakening.

Super Mario RPG though left quite a legacy, despite the lack of a direct sequel. It established many of the conventions that future Mario rpg games would follow, after proving that there was a market for such a thing. Paper Mario, and Mario & Luigi series are both descendants of this, with the original Paper Mario game having the original announced as Super Mario RPG 2 before being renamed. Meanwhile, several key figures on Super Mario RPG would go to work at AlphaDream, who were the developers of the Mario & Luigi series of games, and both series have maintained elements that began with Super Mario RPG.

After a long time without much movement, even before today's announcement we had begun to see the series emerging from the vaults of Square Enix and Nintendo. Beyond virtual console listings, we saw Super Mario RPG character Geno join Super Smash Bros Ultimate as a Mii Fighter costume in 2020, and in 2017 we saw Super Mario RPG  be one of 21 games to make it onto the Super Nintendo Mini. Now, with the remake, the rebirth is finished as Super Mario RPG Remake is coming on November 17th.


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