StarCraft II 3.11 Co-Op Mission Details Revealed

Published: March 3, 2017 10:34 PM /


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StarCraft II's latest patch, 3.11, will allow players to play a new Co-Op mission (which is a cooperative mode that can be played with two players utilizing different commanders) and is based upon the Blizzard-made Arcade map Left2Die. In the new Co-Op mission, players will find themselves under attack from 'an endless wave' of enemies. In order to achieve victory, players will have to decide on which choke points will have to be reinforced, which is 'crucial' to player's success. The attack's will last during the night, but only during nighttime as 'the horde' cannot travel in daylight. During the day, players will be able to assault and destroy the horde and their nests. Essentially, players will have to destroy as many infested structures as they can during the day, and then try to survive the horde's assault during the night.

While there are mindless mobs that will slowly move toward a players' base, there are also mutated infested that will give players a greater challenge. Included in the special infested are the Spotter, a flying terror that can disable structures and prevent them from attacking, the Choker, a long-range attacker that can stun and drag units from their defensive positions, the Hunterling, which can jump over cliffs and dive right into a mineral line, and the Kaboomer, which upon death will deal damage via burst of deadly acid.

Players will also encounter two boss types: the Stank, which can withstand daylight and inflicts heavy damage on buildings, and the Nydus Worm, which constantly spawns infested unless destroyed and will burst from the ground anywhere on the map, including in a players' base.

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