Soulja Boy Clones Make a Return with the SouljaGame Handheld

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Just when you thought the SouljaGame saga was done, Soulja Boy releases a new bootleg console on his merchandise shop. This time, it's the SouljaGame Handheld.

The SouljaGame Handheld is like all the other SouljaGame consoles: a cheap re-branded knockoff console. This particular console looks very similar to the PS Vita, although its specs aren't quite as impressive. It just launched right now at a discounted $99.99 and comes in black, red, and blue.

The SouljaGame Handheld features "exquisite craftsmanship and fashion design" and has a whopping 4.3 inch screen in HD, with a truly eye-popping 480 x 272 screen resolution.

While this handheld device does indeed feature the capability to place games, although curiously enough there is no mention of pre-installed games like the prior consoles. It also supposedly has a camera and microphone. It even contains a calculator, calendar, and other applications.

This device is actually by a manufacturer called Formulaone. The Amazon listing has the same images and description as Soulja Boy's site. The only real difference here is that it's sold at a much cheaper price before he cranked that price up for the SouljaGame version. It appears it may have previously also been on sale at Walmart as they have the image for it on their site, and was for sale on Aliexpress where a listing for it is up.

Early last month we reported on the first few consoles in the SouljaGame series, all of which are now unavailable to buy on Soulja Boy's main website due to legal issues. These consoles held thousands of emulated games, some of which were by Nintendo.

Soulja Boy then taunted Nintendo on Twitter after internet users warned him that there could be possible litigation. In a deleted Tweet, Soulja Boy said "Nintedo ain't gon do SHIT." Resetera user AcademicSaucer chronicled the full exchange, which you can see here.

Eventually, the devices were taken down, and it can only be assumed that Nintendo or another company threatened to sue.

This time around, the marketing images of the SouljaGame handheld appear to be without actual games, and as said before no mention of any pre-installed (nor does the Formulaone listing mention any). The SouljaGame console had marketing images of Lara Croft on it, while the previous SouljaGame Handheld just has a bland racing image (although, if you recognize it let us know).

How long will the SouljaGame Handheld last? Would you get one? Let us know in the comments below!

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