Sony Gives Away Bloodborne PS4 Themes With It's New Interactive Trailer

Published: March 11, 2015 12:46 AM /



A mere two weeks before the release of Bloodborne (a fortnight as the British would say) Sony has decided to further whet the appetite of from software’s legion of Soul’s devotees by releasing an interactive trailer. The innovative trailer allows fans to choose their path through a series of videos. Viewers can choose to go through the trailer solo or with two players then select what weapons and tactics they’ll see.  But that’s not all; the trailer rewards players who make it to the end by making the right choices with a Bloodborne PS4 theme.

bloodborne PS4 Theme
Sony's free Bloodborne PS4 theme.


The trailer was released Monday night, within hours the website was too swamped for people to even properly report on it. On the whole the trailer has been described as pretty spoilery. Fans who want the Bloodborne theme without exposing themselves to the new bosses and location’s glimpsed in the trailer can find the codes here, courtesy of some friendly Redditors.

With the amount of information revealed through Gameplay Trailers and on Bloodborne’s official website, one has to wonder, has a new I.P. ever accumulated so much lore before it’s release? Bloodborne’s Wikia already has extensive information on the game’s characters, settings, equipment and online modes. Similarly, Bloodborne news has been aggregating information since the game’s announcement.

While it’s undeniable that Bloodborne’s pre-emptive fandom is partly a result of the cultish worship engendered by the Souls series, it’s also something that Sony has tried to engineer through its media strategy. Clearly Sony wants to make the most of its console exclusives. While The Order: 1886 may have gotten a lukewarm reception, PS4 owners have a list of exclusive titles to look forward to  that could force steam to shoot out of the ears of XBOX One owners: Street Fighter V, Silent Hills, Uncharted 4, No Man’s  Sky and Persona  5, just to name a few.

It’s a good thing Microsoft still owns the rights to that little game called Halo

How excited are you to dive into the twisted lycanthropic world of Bloodborne?


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