Slay The Spire And Squad Are September's Humble Monthly Early Unlocks

Published: August 5, 2019 9:30 AM /


slay the spire squad humble monthly

September's Humble Monthly early unlock games have been revealed. In addition, if you were a subscriber in August, you've now got access to that month's eight-game lineup.

First up in September, Humble Monthly subscribers can look forward to deck-building roguelike Slay the Spire. MegaCrit's game sees you exploring the titular spire, with each level consisting of several encounters capped off by a boss at the end. The game fuses card-based combat with roguelike-style dungeon exploration mechanics and RPG elements. TechRaptor's own Richard Costa loved this game, and if you love deck-builders and roguelikes, chances are you will too.

Your second September Humble Monthly early unlock is tactical FPS Squad. This game started life as a spiritual successor to the Project Reality Battlefield 2 mod and has since very much become its own thing. You and your teammates will battle across massive open maps, duking it out in vehicles and taking shelter in player-constructed bases. If you're in the market for a game that bridges the gap between military sim and multiplayer FPS, Squad is very much your jam.

Unfortunately, if you weren't signed up to Humble Monthly before August 2nd, you've missed your chance to grab August's games. If you were, though, here's what you've got to look forward to:

You've got until September 6th to subscribe to Humble Monthly if you want Slay the Spire and Squad. A bunch more games will unlock on that date too, but as ever Humble is keeping those a secret. You'll just have to sign up and see. $12 for two games ain't bad by itself, but with more on the way, it's hard to argue with Humble Monthly's value.

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Will you be signing up for Humble Monthly before September? Looking forward to playing Slay the Spire and Squad? Let us know in the comments below!

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