Singer Claims Big PlayStation Remake Announcement Coming

Published: October 8, 2021 9:25 AM /


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An Irish singer-songwriter has inadvertently let slip that she has recorded music for an upcoming PlayStation remake. The artist, known as Ava, says she wrote an Irish-language theme for the game, which will be announced this Christmas.

What did Ava reveal about the PlayStation remake?

This news was revealed in an interview with Ava on Irish radio station WLR FM (via Reddit). In the interview, Ava says she was contacted by composer Michael McGlynn "just before the pandemic hit" and told that he was writing music for a remake of an upcoming PlayStation game. The team was apparently looking for someone who could compose an Irish-language theme song for the title, so Ava was recruited to perform this duty. Ava says the game will be announced this Christmas and that it's a "big game", suggesting it's going to be a remake of a major PlayStation property.

A banner proclaiming the union of PlayStation Studios and Bluepoint Games, who have already worked on two PlayStation remakes
This new PlayStation remake could be the inaugural project for Bluepoint Games as a full PlayStation Studios member.

The singer says that she's not a gamer, so she doesn't know much about the game she's been recruited to work on. In addition, she says that a lot of the process was shrouded in secrecy; since Sony doesn't want news of the game leaking, it often doesn't even tell musicians and other external staff what the project is. All we know is that it's a major PlayStation game that will have an Irish-language closing credits piece. According to Ava, she wrote the lyrics in the Irish language, which McGlynn's daughter then sang on the track. She describes it as a "family effort" owing to the close collaboration between her, McGlynn, and his family.

What game could the remake be?

At the moment, we don't know what the project in question might be. Sony recently purchased Demon's Souls and Shadow of the Colossus remake developer Bluepoint Games, so this could well be their inaugural project as fully paid-up members of the PlayStation "family". One potential candidate for the remake is Xenogears, a PlayStation RPG that was known for its Gaelic-influenced soundtrack. As VGC reportsXenogears composer Yasunori Mitsuda recently tweeted a picture of McGlynn working alongside his production company Procyon Studio.

Snake talking to Meryl on the codec in Metal Gear Solid, which might be the upcoming PlayStation remake (but probably isn't)
It's probably not Metal Gear, but we couldn't resist.

Another possibility, albeit a remote one, is that it's a remake of Metal Gear Solid. The closing credits theme for the original game, "The Best Is Yet To Come", has lyrics in the Irish language, so it's a possibility that Ava is reworking this theme for an upcoming PS5 Metal Gear Solid remake. Konami still owns the rights to the stealth-action series, but the studio is rumored to be reviving Metal Gear along with other dormant Konami properties, so it's not completely out of the realms of possibility. Last year, the original Metal Gear Solid was re-released on PC alongside other Konami games, so perhaps that was Konami readying the playing field for a fully-fledged remake. It's unlikely, but we can dream.

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