Signs Point To Gun Game and Race Coming to Halo 5

Published: December 4, 2016 9:12 AM /


Halo 5 Gun Game-arsenal

Another week, another leak of 343's planned updates to Halo 5: Guardians. Buried at the bottom of the latest Halo Community Update (underneath several sections dedicated to promoting Halo Wars 2) was a confirmation that the Voices of War multiplayer announcer DLC is indeed coming in the next update and will be priced at $9.99. In addition, the Reach Grenade Launcher was also confirmed, and community manager Ske7ch also stated that the testing on the new update would reveal some new ways to play as well as familiar ones.

Official information stops here, but Halo modder Gamecheat13 went a bit further than that. Mining information from the Halo 5: Forge release on PC, he was able to recover a treasure trove of new announcer sounds for both Arena and Warzone multiplayer, implying that several new gametypes are going to be making their way into the game soon.

Classic fans will be pleased to hear a pair of sound clips implying that Race is coming back to Halo for the first time since Reach. There are also hints that variants of CTF and Assault will be inserted into Warzone, and Firefight might be getting a lives-based mode that would more closely resemble classic Firefight action. Most exciting for me are the hints at Gun Game, a mode that has never been in Halo before, but still one that should be familiar to FPS veterans. From the voice clips included, it seems that we'll be getting a pretty faithful adaption of the Call of Duty and Counter-Strike staple, and there's a lot you can do with it considering that there are now over 100 unique weapons in the Halo 5 sandbox. Speaking of, there is also one more gametype hinted at which seems to be an Arena mode that features REQ weapons and some sort of objective.

343 has promised to have more info about the latest Halo 5 update this week, and you can expect at least some of this speculation to bear fruit when this happens based on past leaks.

What do you think of these new gametypes coming to Halo 5? Are you still racking up REQ points in Warzone, or have you moved on to another of 2016's fine FPS games? Let us know in the comments below!

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