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Shoot Stuff, Drive Stuff, and Fly Stuff in Speed Limit

June 14, 2020 1:02 PM

By: Andrew Otton


During day 2 of the Guerrilla Collective, a trailer for Speed Limit was shown off. It's an arcade game that covers a few genres, though all of them boil down to you shooting something. You can give Speed Limit a try right now, too, with a demo available on Steam.

In Speed Limit, your daily train commute goes awry and you find yourself right in the middle of an action movie. It's all about speed and precision, while the game will take you through a few different genres, each of which is inspired by classic old-school arcade games.




As you'll see in the trailer, the first bit of gameplay you'll find yourself in is an arcade shooter taking place on a train. You'll be shooting people in, on, and above the train. At some point, the game goes off the rails and you'll get behind the wheel of a car. Speed Limit then turns into a top-down shooter from the seat of a car.

The trailer also showed off a very Road Rash-looking segment, where you'll be on a motorcycle shooting enemies that come up on you. The changes in gameplay, don't end there however.



There's also a time where you'll be flying a helicopter, and while not shown as gameplay, it appears there may be a fighter jet in your future as well.

When you make it through the game, after dying a lot, Speed Limit has several game modes to unlock as well. If you just don't want the game to end, you'll be able to play the endless mode, infinite mode, and even a ghost mode. It wouldn't be a proper arcade experience without them.



Speed Limit is targeting a release date next year and is being developed by Gamechuck.

Andrew Otton
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