Shedding Some Light: Child of Light- A Harrowing Journey in Watercolor

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Child of Light is a special game. A game that transcends stereotypes. If any company can make this happen, it is Ubisoft. They have the financial clout and personnel to produce a AAA indie game. That is right I said a AAA indie game.

Usually those words are not in the same sentence, or in the same description. After seeing the game, and having some hands-on time with it, I can say with a profound providence; it is something special. Not many games have the resources that the team at Ubisoft have. Child of Light feels like a rich man's indie game. Not in a pompous way, but in the way they have every minuet detail perfected. From the way Aurora (the playable little girl) moves and feels, by the way her hair flows and her crown falls when attacked. To how absolutely gorgeous Lumeria looks. How it makes you feel in your stomach as you search high and low for items, companions, and, ultimately, a way home.

Being stuck in such a world, although dangerous, is quite aesthetically pleasing to all senses. I felt I could smell the colors being seen on-screen (and no I was not tripping).

Combat and exploration have been hit out of the park. Just because this game is $14.99, does not mean it is lacking on any front. It may possibly do things better than games double or triple its' price. Patrick Plourde and company have something special here, they know it, and we are about to know it. The game releases on April 30, 2014 on last-gen and current gen consoles, and PC.

Walking through Lumeria evokes a sense of wonder, nostalgia, excitement, and fear. Take a look at the newest gameplay trailer and let us know what you think. Hope to see you in a co-op game in a few weeks.

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