Seven More Games Added to PlayStation Hits Lineup

Published: September 27, 2019 3:15 PM /


playstation hits

Sony has added another seven games to the PlayStation Hits lineup, allowing you to buy them in fancy red boxes for the much cheaper price of $19.99.

Three of the games are first party titles. Leading the pack is the recent God of War reboot, which sees Kratos and his son on a quest to try and spread his wife's ashes. You can read our review of it here, if you need more reassurance on its quality. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is also joining the crowd. What originally started off as DLC for Uncharted 4 eventually became a full stand-alone expansion, having you play as Chloe Frazer as she goes on a journey with Uncharted 4 secondary antagonist Nadine to find a treasure of her own. We have a review of this one as well. The last first party Sony game available is Gran Turismo Sport, the most recent entry in the popular realistic racing series that sees you driving very expensive cars much faster than they normally go.

The other four games coming to the lineup are all published by Ubisoft. To stick with the racing theme, open world racer The Crew is joining the line-up. Here you can race across a map that consists of (a kind of hilariously squished) the United States, getting new cars and completing missions along the way. If you want to go fast but not inside of a car, you can also grab Rayman Legends. This 2D platformer brings the Rayman series to the modern day, and is often considered one of the best in the franchise. Looking to cause some mayhem instead? Then you can gram Far Cry 4, which sees you traveling to Kyrat and helping topple a dictatorial regime. You can read our review of it here. The last game joining the line-up is Watch Dogs, a third person open-world hacking game where you'll be taking down a mega corporation. We also have a review of this one.

If any of these games interest you, then you can grab them when they hit the PlayStation Hits lineup this fall.

How do you feel about these additions? Going to grab any of them? Do you also call God of War Good of Wood, or is that just me? Let us know in the comments below!


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