Save Your Viking Clan in Lost Viking: Kingdom of Women

Published: September 27, 2019 2:15 PM /


lost viking kingdom of women

Are you looking for another survival game, maybe this time with more of a viking-based thing going on? Today Lost Viking: Kingdom of Women was announced, and may be just what you're looking for.

Taking place in the year 956, you play as a Viking named Ragnald. He's on a peaceful settlement expedition with his clan when they're ambushed. The men are slaughtered, and the women and children are brought elsewhere. Luckily, Ragnald survives when a wolf drags him to shore. Recovering from his wounds, and the wolf being his only companion, it's up to Ragnald to survive the wilderness and save them. He has to do it fast too, or they'll become part of the "Kingdom of Women" that seems to have taken them. You can see all of this in the trailer below.


To do this, Ragnald has to survive in the wilderness. This means keeping both himself and his wolf companion fed, hydrated, and healthy. This is a survival game after all, and you need to, well, survive. From crafting items to fighting off bears, you'll have plenty to worry about on your trip.

The game is being developed by ForestLight Games, a new studio out in Poland. It's published by Ultimate Games, who recently published four different games that all came out on August 30th, including furry murder mystery Unlucky Seven and 2d action brawler Down to Hell. In a press release, art director and level designer Maciej Szymaś had the following to say:


The game world we create refers to historical realities. The game has plenty of specific architecture, objects, clothing, nature, etc. The history itself, however, refers to medieval legends. However, we will not reveal the details. Lost Viking: Kingdom of Women combines adventure, exploring the unknown, a fight for survival and a fascinating history. This adventure will not be easy, but Ragnald will not be alone. He’ll be supported by a wolf, i.e. a Viking’s best friend. In many situations the wolf is necessary and the player will have to also take care of his companion.
Lost Viking: Kingdom of Women will be launching for PC sometime in Q3 2020. You can see its Steam page here.

How do you feel about Lost Viking: Kingdom of Women? Going to pick the game up? Let us know in the comments below!

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