Sanitarium Out Now On iOS and Android

Published: October 29, 2015 10:09 AM /



17 years after the original release and 1 year after the Steam release, French retro developer DotEmu (who has also worked on porting classic games like the Final Fantasy, Metal Slug, and Fatal Fury series to mobile) released a trailer today for the release of the iOS and Android ports of the classic horror point and click game Sanitarium.

Sanitarium follows the story of Max Laughton, a coma patient who wakes up in a derelict insane asylum with no recollection of who he is or where he is. As the players searches the asylum for answers, players are transported to a variety of strange and bizarre places like a hamlet with deformed inhabitants, a circus in the middle of a vast ocean and a hive full of cyborg parasites. 

The mobile versions include an automatic save system, an interface made for touch devices (with the choice of playing the game in a touch mode or a simulated virtual gamepad mode), full screen or original mode and an achievement system with 20 achievements. The game is available in English, French and German. 

The original game got released in 1998 to mixed acclaim, which didn't stop the game from becoming a cult classic. One of the programmers who worked on the original game launched a Kickstarter for a spiritual successor called Shades of sanity in 2013, but the campaign wasn't very successful. 

The game is out now on Android and iOS for $3.99. You can download the game from the App Store or from Google Play.


Quick Take

We live in a time where gaming is more popular than it ever was before. The problem with this is that the newer generations of gamers tend to miss some of the great stuff that got released when gaming was still in its infancy. Companies like DotEmu make sure that the gems of old are available to all on modern hardware and that's pretty damn great. 

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