[Rumor] [Updated] Nintendo to Release SNES Mini This year

Published: April 19, 2017 10:20 AM /


Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Following the discontinuation of the Famicom and NES Mini, a source close to Nintendo has claimed that the Japanese gaming giant are planning on releasing a SNES Mini during this year's Christmas period.

Speaking to Eurogamer, their source told them that Nintendo has already started the development of the mini console. According to the source, the development of the SNES Mini is the reason why the NES and Famicom Mini got discontinued earlier this month, despite public demand still being at an all-time high. Since the discontinuation, NES Minis have been making an appearance on eBay for unreasonable amounts of money.

According to the source at Eurogamer, the SNES Mini will be similar to the NES Mini in that they're both plug and play devices and will also feature a lineup of some classic games from the SNES era.

The prospect of a SNES Mini is an exciting one due to the system's stronger games lineup including the likes of Super Mario World, The Legend of ZeldaKiller Instinct and Earthbound.

We have reached out to Nintendo for more information. We will update the article once new information (like a confirmation from Nintendo) comes to light.

Update: Nintendo has sent us an official comment on the matter saying, "We have nothing to announce on this topic." If we learn more we will update this story further.

Quick Take

Despite the annoying artificial scarcity that let people sell the NES mini for way more than it originally sold, the prospect of a SNES Mini is definitely interesting. The upside of this type of console is that you don't have to dig through your old hardware to get your console out, only to discover that you can't plug it into your TV without third party devices. The NES mini worked via HDMI, so the SNES Mini will most likely use the same port. It's also a great way to play some of the SNES classics if you don't currently own (or have never owned) a SNES yourself. 

What do you think of this rumor? Are you interested in a SNES mini? What games would you like on the hypothetical SNES mini? 

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