[Rumor] Microsoft Might Bring Xbox Game Pass to Nintendo Switch

Published: February 21, 2019 8:03 PM /


xbox game pass reel

Microsoft and Nintendo's relationship is strong, recently allowing for crossplay on games such as Minecraft. Now, Microsoft might be bringing Xbox Game Pass over to the Nintendo Switch, according to rumors.

Direct-Feed Games reported today that sources allegedly confirm that Xbox Game Pass will arrive on the Nintendo Switch later this year. This claim is backed up by additional sources talking to Game Informer. According to the narrator in the video:

"...we have learned that Microsoft plans to publish at least one high profile Xbox One indie exclusive, or should we say soon-to-be former exclusive Ori on the Nintendo Switch."

Further, an Xbox app will supposedly be made available on the Nintendo Switch which "will allow use of Game Pass and support Project xCloud."

This is not a totally outrageous statement, considering the details Microsoft unveiled on Project xCloud late last year. This streaming service touts the ability to let gamers play whatever they want on whichever device.

These are the extent of the rumors, and while it might appear unlikely, the video states that Microsoft has a great interest in expanding their service. The company has shown willingness to work with not only Nintendo but also Sony with the PlayStation 4 and crossplay. Nintendo has been more amicable towards Microsoft.

Once again, these are just rumors. However, the hardware capabilities and the relationship between the two companies makes it a plausible scenario.

Quick Take

To start off, I think Ori would be a perfect title for the Nintendo Switch. Indies - especially indie platformers - are a hit on the system, and were it not an exclusive for Microsoft, I could see the game doing very well on the Switch. As for the rumor itself, I won't speak anymore on the plausibility. I will say that if it turns out that it's true, it will be a major industry-changer that is extremely exciting. People have limited budgets and can't play every game. GamePass allows for a good solution to this problem, and it's all the better if it's available on more consoles.

What do you think about these rumors? Nintendo Switch owners, would you subscribe to this service if it became available on your system?


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