[Rumor] Lego The Incredibles Reportedly Coming Later This Year

Published: March 19, 2018 10:59 AM /



This year will see The Incredibles 2 finally releasing in theatres and it seems that there will be a game coming hot on its heels. The game's existence has been revealed via an advert on the back of an instruction manual for an upcoming LEGO Juniors Incredibles 2 set. The promotional image was spotted by Brick Fan and shows Lego versions of the superhero family and confirms a 2018 release date. As well as a release window, the game's launch platforms are detailed. Lego: The Incredibles will launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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This marks the first time a Pixar property has received its own game and given the release of the second movie in the franchise this year, it is likely that it will span both movies, though this has not been confirmed. Disney no longer develops their own games in-house, meaning that their IPs are often licensed out to other studios like TT Games in this case. TT Games has already worked on the Lego Marvel Superheroes games as well as the Lego The Force Awakens game which launched in 2016.

The game was actually leaked by Comicbook.com back in January, with Eurogamer reporting that other Pixar properties would be featured. There has been no official confirmation from publisher Warner Bros. so stay tuned for further updates. A Lego DC Villains game was also leaked at the same time as Lego The Incredibles, with Comicbook.com reporting that the game would feature iconic characters like Harley Quinn, Lex Luthor, and Joker. Traditionally, TT Games releases two titles a year so it would make sense that we will see both rumored games in 2018. No further details have been given surrounding the DC Villains game so we'll have to wait for an official announcement from Warner Bros.

Which other Pixar properties do you want to see get the Lego game treatment? Are you interested in Lego The Incredibles? Let us know in the comments.



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