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Published: October 25, 2015 12:19 PM /


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The newest iteration of RPG Maker has just been released on steam, and is currently 10% off through October 30th. RPG Maker MV marks the latest version of the wildly popular RPG Maker series and brings with it some awesome new features.

The feature that most will be excited about, is the ability to deploy the games you make to PC, MacOSX, Android, iOs and HTML5, much like you can do with other game engines like Unreal and Unitiy. Other new features include Mac Support, not for deployment but for building, being able to switch battle modes between front view and side view, a doubling (over the last RPGMaker) of the item database max size to 2000 and higher default resolution, and an unlimited maximum resolution for you game, meaning you can make it as detailed as you like and utilize more modern resolutions. Touch screen and mouse support for playing are also key entries into the engine, along with a more robust English support than the series has had in the past. 

There are also at release, two pieces of DLC in the RPG Maker MV: Cover Art Characters Pack, and the RPG Maker MV: Essentials Set available for $10 each. The Cover Art Characters gives 8 main party members with animations, portraits, views for both supported combat modes, as well as music themes for each characters and 8 support NPC characters with sprites and portraits. The Essentials Set adds 14 original composed music themes, 4 dungeon tileset add-ons, more add-ons for town interiors and exteriors, emotion facesets for standard RPG Maker MV heroes, 3 title backgrounds, and icons matching the dungeon tile additions.

If you have yet to get into RPG Maker, this may be the time, as the feature set seems to be fairly complete, and very competitive with traditional engines like Unreal and Unity, with the ability to deploy to multiple platforms being the crowning jewel of this release.

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Quick Take

Being someone who comes from a software engineering background, I have found it difficult to get into game maker style software like this, but with this new version, I can see myself getting my hands dirty. I have honestly heard nothing but good things about RPG Maker in the past, I have just always been a "get my hands dirty" kind of guy, but the feature set of this new version really tickled my fancy, and I can not wait to put something out through the RPG Maker MV release. Look out for it on TechRaptor!

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