Rodea the Sky Soldier Release Date Gets Pushed Back

Published: August 11, 2015 6:48 PM /


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Today NIS America announced that the release date for Rodea the Sky Soldier is being pushed back to November.

Citing ongoing technical difficulties, NIS America has changed the release date for both the North American and European release dates. The game will now be available on the Wii U & 3DS in North America on November 10 and both versions in Europe on November 13. It will also be available for both platforms in both regions digitally through the Nintendo eShop on the same dates as the physical versions.

The launch edition of the 3DS version in North America will include a limited soundtrack and collector box, while the launch edition of the Wii U version will include the Wii version of the game and a reversible cover for both the North American and European versions.

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More about Rodea the Sky Soldier

1000 years ago, Princess Cecilia and Rodea, a machine soldier who promised to protect the sky kingdom of Garuda, thwarted the evil Emperor Geardo of the Naga Empire's plot to invade. In the present day, an inventor named Ion discovers an abandoned robot that upon being fixed turns out to be Rodea himself. Stunned to find himself in the future, he learns that the Naga Empire is long gone and peace has reigned for 1000 years. Sadly, this peace was not meant to last and Rodea takes to the skies to defend Garuda from the evil forces of the Naga Empire once more.

Designed by Yuji Naka, the creator of Nights into Dreams..., Rodea the Sky Soldier allows players to fly and shoot their way through the skies by drawing on the touch screen (or using the Wiimote in the Wii version.)

Quick Take

While it unknown as to what difficulties led to NIS America delaying the game for almost an extra month,  I'm certainly glad that steps are being taken to ensure it is a quality product when released. Receiving broken/poor quality games has been an ongoing problem in the video game industry so it's always nice to see a company attempting to avoid that. 


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