r/Kappa to Sponsor Evo Finalist, Evo Champion for SoCal Regionals; Previous CEOtaku Champ for CEOtaku 2017

Published: August 13, 2017 8:27 PM /



As mentioned in the previous article about r/Kappa's current phase of sponsorships, the infamous subreddit has been deliberating on which players to send to three different events. They've already decided on sponsoring Evo 2017 finalists Jeondding (5th place in Tekken 7) and 310 (7th place in Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2) to Manila Cup. These past several days, voting took place to decide who will be going to SoCal Regionals and CEOtaku, and the process has concluded.

For SoCal Regionals, the chosen representatives will be Jeondding once again, and Evo 2017 BlazBlue champion, Ryusei. For CEOtaku, the chosen representatives will be Kedako, who was last year's CEOtaku Guilty Gear champion, and Isamu. This means that r/Kappa's sponsorship roster for the next month and a half includes two Evo finalists, one Evo champion, and one CEOtaku champion; quite an impressive list of talent.

Players who were included on the ballot for any of the three events, but did not win include Guilty Gear players DaruIno and Dora; Evo 2017 BlazBlue runner-up Fenrich; and Korean Tekken players Qudans, 200won, and LowHigh. Unfortunately, due to job-related circumstances, r/Kappa's recent Evo representative, T5M7 (a.k.a. Tomo), who reached second place in Guilty Gear at the massive event, could not be eligible for this round of sponsorships.

r/Kappa will soon begin donation drives and possibly another t-shirt selling campaign to cover travel costs and hotel fees for their players. Due to leftover funds from their Evo campaign, the budget for the Manila Cup participants may already be secure. It will be very exciting to see how the hand-picked pros perform in their respective tournaments, as each event is a large one and will be sure to draw other top talent.

Manila Cup will take place Sept. 8-10, and both SCR and CEOtaku will happen on the weekend of Sept. 22-24, with CEOtaku starting on the 23rd.

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