The Red Lantern Brings Good Dogs to Xbox

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The Red Lantern Brings Good Dogs to Xbox

November 15, 2019

By: Samuel Guglielmo


If you looked at your roguelites recently and said "geez, this could use a little more dogs" then I have good news for you. The Red Lantern is a roguelite all about bonding with dogs so you can race with them.

Taking place in Alaska, you play as a woman, voiced by Horizon: Zero Dawn and Borderlands 2 voice actress Ashely Burch, training to take part in the national Iditarod race. As you race around Alaska, events happen, with the game claiming to have over 100 that it will randomly deploy. There's a chance you can be attacked by a bear, or meet squirrels. There's a chance those squirrels will be evil as well and try to kill you. Or you can just straight up get frostbite. As you play you'll need to care for both yourself and your many good dogs that pull your sleigh, because if you don't then you'll end up dead long before you even get to the already challenging race.

The Red Lantern is being developed by Timberline Studio, a new indie developer based out of Burbank, California. This is their first video game. However, several of the developers worked on the episodic King's Quest reboot that Activision put out back in 2015. They also promised that the number of dogs in the studio actually outnumbers the humans. This seems like an important quality to have when making a game all about dogs.

And yes, you can indeed pet the dogs.


The Red Lantern is set to come out on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch sometime in 2020.

How do you feel about The Red Lantern? Does it look like your kind of game? How many of the dogs will you pet? Because I'm going to pet all of the dogs. Every single one. Let us know in the comments below!

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