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Record-breaking Attendance at this Year's EGX Rezzed in London

Published: April 4, 2017 12:30 PM



The London-based gaming event EGX Rezzed has reported that they have managed to attract more visitors than any year before. EGX Rezzed is a smaller offshoot of EGX (Eurogamer Expo) held in Birmingham each year and has a large emphasis on indie games in addition to bigger developers and publishers showing off their stuff on the show floor. This news comes from a report by, who are owned by the same company as EGX/EGX Rezzed.

This edition, the expo had over 220 games playable during the show in addition to talks held by Bioshock-creator Kevin Levine and DayZ-creator Dean Hall. EGX Rezzed also played host to the "best of the world's small teams", from PC to consoles to VR. Since the expo's inception, EGX Rezzed has focussed on facilitating communication between hopeful indie developers and publishers looking for the next big indie game.

A Meet the Indies publisher mix and match added a fresh twist by making the game makers the focus, seeing well over 230 meetings take place and several games secure funding and publishing deals.
Rupert Loman, the CEO of EGX owners Gamer Network, also commented on the success of the 2-day expo. Loman goes on to state that they're committed to continuing their focus on collaboration and fun.
Although this was the biggest and best Rezzed to date, in terms of both attendees and exhibitors, we have been really pleased to see that the atmosphere of the show has remained uniquely inclusive and fun.

The feedback we've had from gamers, exhibitors and speakers has been overwhelmingly positive and we would like to thanks all of our partners, sponsors and exhibitors for helping us to create another outstanding experience for UK gamers.

Rupert Loman, Gamer Network CEO

EGX, Rezzed older, bigger brother, will be held September. Tickets for EGX are already available.

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