Zombie Army Trilogy

Rebellion's Zombie Army Trilogy Nintendo Switch Port Coming in Q1 2020

December 17, 2019

By: Mostafa Hossam


Rebellion Developments' Zombie Army Trilogy originally released back in March 2015 for console and PC, and now it is Nintendo Switch's turn. For those of you unfamiliar with Zombie Army Trilogy, the title is a spin-off off Rebellion's most prominent IP, Sniper Elite. The game takes place in an alternative universe where World War II is approaching its end with the Germans hanging on by a thread. Adolf Hitler decided their last chance is to resurrect all the dead and form his own zombie army, and this is where you come in.

Zombie Army Trilogy's Nintendo Switch version will feature all additional content and updates released for the title so far. Not only that, the studio wanted to make sure it is not just a mere port and added new features as well. These include 2-4 player local wireless play, motion controls, and Pro Controller and HD Rumble support. The latter is to help tailor the experience to Nintendo Switch players and optimize their gameplay on the handheld console.


Zombie Army Trilogy

The existence of local wireless play will allow for several players to play together each on their own Switch. There was no word on any graphical upgrades or visual reworks in general, however, there were screenshots of the game running on the platform accompanying the announcement. Rebellion Developments aim towards an early 2020 release window, but there is no set date yet.


As big of a fan as I am for the Sniper Elite franchise, I am definitely excited to pick up Zombie Army Trilogy again on the Switch and gun my way through hordes of zombies. The franchise's famous "X-Ray Kill Cam" feature is present and makes for some satisfying endings when you nail that bullet drop perfectly for the headshot.