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Published: August 15, 2016 10:48 PM /


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Today, the Sony blog updated to let people know what to expect in the upcoming PS4 update.

On the Playstation Blog, Playstation Brand Marketing VP John Koller listed the many new features coming to Sony’s console. Such features include a refresh of the main menu, which will include new system backgrounds. The What’s New tab will also be changed up a bit. System icons will be changed and popup notifications are getting an update.

Another major revision for the update will be the Quick Menu, the most major being that it no longer leaves gameplay entirely. Instead, the menu only covers part of the screen. According to Koller, “We’ve added several new items to the Quick Menu, letting you quickly get info without having to back to the home screen. You can see the online status of your friends, and shortcuts to quickly access your Party, Favorite Groups, Communities, and more. You can also customize the Quick Menu, removing or adding items as you see fit.”

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The next menu to get an update is the Share Menu, which now only covers part of the screen as well. If you want to share clips or screenshots, the menu remembers the last social media you uploaded to. This makes it easier to upload subsequent photos and clips faster. However, even more impressive is the jump in clip times you can upload to Twitter. It’s now a full two minutes and 20 seconds, much higher than the 10 seconds it originally was.

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Now, the two biggest changes! The first is the addition of folders to the menu. The oft-requested feature will finally be implemented in this update, allowing for users to organize their Library as they see fit.

On top of that, the blog states that they’ve “added a new tab called Purchased, which will show all of the content you own — games, applications, demos, and betas you’ve participated in. As a result, the Games and Applications tabs focus on content currently installed on your system. This should help de-clutter your library, and make it faster to find the content you’re looking for.”

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The final major update is the trophy system overhaul. First, Sony is adding the ability to view trophies offline. If you can’t connect to PSN, an Offline Mode option will allow you to view your trophies without a problem. In addition, you will be able to see hidden trophies. They’re still spoiler-free by default but you will be able to choose to see them. The final trophy update is going to be the change in icons showing trophy rarity. “Instead of four boxes that fill, the icon looks like a pyramid with the ultra-rare Trophies at the top.”

One other update is going to be the user profile update. As Koller mentions in the blog, “you can now see your Trophy progress compared with another player right from their profile. You can also add a background image to your own profile — perhaps a screenshot you took in one of your favorite games.”

PS4 Update

Finally, the blog mentions that the update will bring even more features not available in the upcoming beta. However, Sony is going to release more details in the near future. At present, there is no release date for this update.

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