PS4 System Software 2.50 "Yukimura" Released

Published: March 26, 2015 11:59 PM /


PS4 2.50 update

Sony has just let loose their sizable "Yukimura" PS4 system update. Weighing in at 245mb, this update is not exactly huge. The changelist, however, is quite large, and include major changes such as:

  • The highly anticipated Suspend/Resume function which lets you jump in and out of games like you can on the PS Vita.
  • Backup and Restore from HDD to USB which makes it quite easy to upgrade the PS4's HDD should you run out of space.
  • The friends and party system has been overhauled to make finding friends, adding friends, and starting games with friends a lot easier.
  • Developers can now get their PSN accounts verified, and have a distinctive badge set next to their name. This makes it really good for content creators and community managers to make their presence known.
  • The trophy system was overhauled to allow sharing of trophies, automatic screenshots when you achieve trophies and deleting 0% completed games from the trophy list.
  • Various accessibility improvements including the very awesome ability to remap your controls, as well as inverting colors and zooming in the screen. This is a thoughtful and useful addition for those games that don't have the option, although I am not entirely sure how well that will work playing some games.

    [caption id="attachment_35282" align="aligncenter" width="300"]So this is the coolest feature ever So this is the coolest feature ever[/caption]

  • Remote play and shared play have also been updated to allow 60fps with an accompanying PS Vita firmware update (Sony also adds a footnote about needing a "sufficiently robust Wi-Fi connection" which might be a kicker for some people with shoddy routers or bad infrastructure, or both)
  • A Rest which features which allows you to put the PS4 into a low powered stand-by mode where it can still charge controllers and download updates.
Overall, this is a fantastic update with a swath of new and super useful features. I personally can't wait to try out the button mapping feature with games that could definitely use it. 60fps remote play doesn't hurt either.

Are you excited to try this new firmware update? What new features will be most useful to you?

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