Production Line Beta is Here, Price Increase Coming Soon

Published: January 28, 2019 11:00 AM /


production line beta

The Production Line beta has finally arrived! This fantastic factory game that has you cranking out cars has officially entered beta as of today. This milestone will also bring with it an increase to the game's price in the very near future.

Production Line is a game that's built around... well, building. Specifically, it's all about setting up factories in order to create cars and get them out the door to your customers. The early days of your factory will be a pretty simple affair, but it will take some serious effort to capture market share when you're competing against huge multinational corporations. You must balance the growth and efficiency of your factory alongside new technology developments and other production issues.

If you'd like to hear this beta discussed in detail, you can check out the Production Line beta developer blog from the developer's official YouTube Channel:

A news post on the game's Steam Community page has all the details about what's arrived in this patch. One of the big additions is "world events" which are randomized changes to the gameplay in the late game. For example, a particular resource may become more scarce or more readily available and affect your costs as a result. Another new addition is that cars will pop open their hoods and trunks while they're being worked on. There's also a bunch of new smaller features and bugfixes in this patch; be sure to read the full patch notes for details.

Production Line first entered Steam Early Access in May of 2018. If you don't yet own this game, you can pick it up on Steam, the Humble Store, or GOG for $19.99 or your regional equivalent until February 12, 2019. After that, the price will bump up another five bucks to $24.95.

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What do you think of Production Line? Will you be picking the game up before the price increase or will you wait until it's feature complete and out of beta? Let us know in the comments below!

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