Pro Counter Strike players banned for cheating on eve of top tournament.

Published: November 28, 2014 2:18 PM /



It has been reported in the last week that three top level CS:GO players have been banned by Valve's anti cheat system. These players, have been identified as Simon Beck (GER), Gordon Giry and Hovik Tovmassian (FRA). Giry and Tovmassian's respective teams , Epsilon and Titan, have now been banned from Dreamhack Winter 2014, CS: GO's most lucrative tournament, and will not vie for a piece the quarter million dollar prize pool.

Both teams reacted to the news by banning the players, and team Titan at least has issued a protest against Dreamhack organizers decision to punish their team collectively. Tovmassian reacted with contrition, in a facebook post he admitted that his ban was completely justified and apologized to his team. He also acknowledged that his career is now over.

To add fuel to the fire, Beck and Tovmassian have both stated since the implementation of their bans that the hacks being used are very difficult to detect and both speculated that many other competitive players are using them. Beck has gone as far as to speculate that as many as forty percent of pro-players are using the 'aim assistance hack.' Used intelligently, the hack offers a level of assistance that makes a player look like he's having a good game without making it obvious that he has cheated.

Counter strike isn't the only competitive game to have seen its players come under scrutiny for cheating recently. Organizers of Dota 2 tournament The Summit 2 had to disqualify a Malaysian team earlier this fall for participating in match fixing, while a similar situation was dealt with by the Smite pro league.

Well the gaming community has been talking about the rise of professional E-sports for a decade. Now that the big leagues have arrived it seemed that so have the big league problems. There is no sporting league that doesn't have to deal with it's cheaters. By acting swiftly against these revelations the gaming community is looking cleaner that international soccer.

The Dreamhack tournament wraps up this weekend, catch the action here.


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