Polymega Nintendo 64 Module Announced

If you purchase the latest module coming to the Polymega, you'll be able to play Nintendo 64 games on the system.

Published: November 24, 2021 2:02 PM /


Polymega Nintendo 64

Polymega, the retro-all-in-one console, has announced that they're releasing a Polymega Nintendo 64 module, the fifth so far. For the curious, the base console already supports Mega CD, PlayStation, Saturn, Neo Geo CD, and the TG-16/PC-Engine CD. The four other modules support NES, SNES, Mega Drive/Genesis, and TG-16/PC-Engine titles. The Polymega Nintendo 64 module will also come with a controller designed by Retro-Bit, which is based on their Tribute64 pad they released a few years earlier. 

Nintendo 64 has been on a bit of a roll recently. It was recently added to Nintendo Switch Online, which provoked some furor over its pricing and lack of titles. Still, it's a console that has a long and glorious history, and it's nice to see the Polymega Nintendo 64 module announcement. 

In an interview with Nintendo Life, Polymega stated that the reason that this module was chosen was because "our customers asked for it". Fair enough, I guess. They also mentioned that aside from obtaining and running hardware that's over 25 years old, Polymega's module is the only other solution of "playing the N64 library legally". 

Polymega Console
The Polymega console looks pretty snazzy.

Polymega requires their systems to hit a 90% compatibility of "working great to near perfect", which is great, but the Nintendo 64 only released less than 400 games, so hopefully it's a lot closer to 100% as details are released closer to the module's launch.

As for other interesting news, a digital store is still in the works for the console, which apparently has stoked interest in publishers and developers. Polymega has an internal development and publishing studio which is working to create exclusive and original content for the console, which is intriguing.

There's more modules also coming to the console. Some are built to enhance the gaming experience on Polymega and not directly tied to consoles such as the NES or SNES, so we'll be sure to bring this to your attention when they're announced.

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Thanks, Nintendo Life.

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