Pokemon Sword & Shield's Expansion's Pass Part 1 Release Date Revealed

Published: June 2, 2020 10:12 AM /


Pokemon Sword and Shield

The Pokemon Company International and Nintendo have announced the release date for the first part of the Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass, The Isle of Armor, which will release on June 17. The second part of the Expansion Pass, The Crown Tundra, will release in the autumn of 2020. Along with the release dates, new Pokemon, Gigantamax forms, and exclusive moves were unveiled.

To start, The Isle of Armor is an island in the Galar region, with many Pokemon living there that can be captured. Along with it is a Pokemon dojo, where players can train under Mustard, who is the master of the dojo.

Pokemon on the island include Galarian Slowbro, which is a Poison/Psychic type. It became a part Poison-type from the Shellder bite, which "set off a chemical reaction with the spices inside Galarian Slowpoke's body, causing Galarian Slowbro to gain the Poison type." 

New Gigantamax Forms include Gigantamax Venusaur, which will have a G-Max Vine Lash, dealing damage for four turns to any Pokemon that isn't a grass type. There's also Gigantamax Blastoise, which has G-Max Cannonade, which does the same thing as Vine Lash except it damages every type except Water.

New features include in the Expansion Pass include the Cram-o-Matic. After players feed it four items, it'll combine them and give out a new item to exchange. Players can receive Poke Balls, PP Ups along with rarer items if they manage to figure out the right combination. There's new Tutor Moves as well, which can be learned in exchange for Armorite Ore, which can be found on the Island of Armor through Max Raid Battles among other ways.

New moves include Burning Jealousy, it will hit all opposing Pokemon, burning them as well if they have had their stats boosted during the turn. Grassy Glide is another move, and it has a high priority when used on Grassy Terrain.

There's also Max Soup, which is a special dish made out of rare ingredients. If a Pokemon drinks it with the capability of Gigantamaxing, it will become capable of doing so.

The Crown Tundra, the next area of the Expansion Pass, is a snow-swept place where people live in small communities and rely upon one another to survive. The player will be appointed as the leader of an exploration team as they explore the new realm. This will include Pokemon Dens and new Legendary Pokemon such as Regieleki, a Electric Pokemon, Regidrago, a Dragon Pokemon, and Galarian versions of Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres.

Last but not least, there's a Galarian Star Tournament that players will be able to participate in in the second part of the Expansion Pass. Players will battle characters that they have met throughout the game's campaign, either alone or with a friend that they can choose.

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