PlayStation Meeting 2016 - Mass Effect Andromeda

Published: September 7, 2016 4:42 PM /



Aaryn Flinn took the stage to talk about Mass Effect Andromeda.


Using the PlayStation 4 Pro EA claims they can make more immersive games.

They then showed gameplay. It started with a man walking around and using a jetpack to explore a mysterious indoor environment. He was able to use a helmet scanner to give him information on a plant and interact with a computer to raise pillars for him to jump to. Mysterious creatures called the Remanent wandered the cave, but they don't do anything so long as they keep away from them.

Following a bit more exploration they came upon the "Heart of the Vault", seemingly the goal of the exploration. The team begins looking over a map to find vaults on various planets, but things go wrong when a mysterious smoke chases them. The demo cuts there, leaving a cliffhanger for future trailers and gameplay.

A video released after the conference explains a little more. The demo was chosen for how it shows off the environment and detail. It was noted that it was real-time gameplay running on a PlayStation 4 Pro (they say PlayStation 4 Neo in the video, so the video was probably prepared before the official name was chosen.) Here they say that the PlayStation 4 Pro version will run at a greater resolution and also take advantage of HDR as well. At the end of the trailer they promised that there will be a new trailer on November 7th, also know as N7 Day by Mass Effect fans.

Mass Effect Andromeda doesn't have a release date yet, but expect it some time next year.


How do you feel about Mass Effect Andromeda? Ready to jump back into the world of Mass Effect? Excited for November 7th? Not excited at all? Let us know in the comments!



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