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Play NYC 2017 - Ghosts of Miami

September 5, 2017

By: Robert N. Adams

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Pillow Fight
Pillow Fight
Linux, Mac, PC
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August 22, 2017 (Calendar)
Visual Novel
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I read a bunch of The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew when I was a young'un. I spent a goodly portion of my formative years watching procedural dramas like Matlock and Perry Mason unfold at my grandparents' house. In short, I'm a sucker for a good detective story. I am also a sucker for '80s stuff (thanks, Grand Theft Auto: Vice City). When I saw Ghosts of Miami by Pillow Fight at Play NYC 2017, my eyes were immediately drawn in by the color scheme and art. The more I learned about the game, the more I loved it.

Ghosts of Miami is a visual novel with romance and detective elements. Like many visual novels, it purports to give you a measure of control with these things - you can end up missing certain opportunities to solve a case or land a date if you're not careful. There are five distinct cases and goodness knows how many romance options to work your way through, all in the midst of 1980s Miami at the height of the cocaine epidemic. (No word on any Al Pacino cameos.)

There were a handful of things that immediately caught my eye at Play NYC and this was one of them. I have yet to lay a finger on this game, and I feel that it something that needs to be rectified as soon as possible. I am 100% sold on the art, setting, and premise. I've been completely sucked in.


I can't say how Ghosts of Miami will play, but I can say that it presents a colorful and flashy package that makes the '80s proud. It's wonderful to look at, and I hope that the gameplay can live up to the high expectations I have for the game. If you'd like to take a whirl at unleashing your inner Veronica Mars, you can grab Ghosts of Miami on Steam,, and the Humble Store. Swing by the game's official website to learn more.

What do you think of Ghosts of Miami? Do you think a game other than Phoenix Wright can do the whole "visual novel/detective story" premise well or have there been no real contenders in that arena? Let us know in the comments below!

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