Pathfinder: Gallowspire Survivors Release Date Revealed For September

Published: August 14, 2023 10:03 AM /


A wizard, a warrior, and a rogue facing off against innumerable enemies in key art for Pathfinder: Gallowspire Survivors

BKOM Studios and Paizo have announced the Pathfinder: Gallowspire Survivors release date.

The game, which takes influence from popular arcade horde-'em-up Vampire Survivors, will launch into Early Access on Steam on September 14th.

Unlike the hugely successful Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous and its predecessor KingmakerGallowspire Survivors isn't a traditional-style CRPG.

Rather, it's a roguelite action "survivor game" (as distinct from a survival game) with an emphasis on slaying huge hordes of monsters, upgrading your weapons, and facing off against challenging bosses.

The game will see three heroes venturing into Gallowspire in order to dispatch the disgraced undead emperor Tar-Baphon, who is attempting to escape his prison.

You'll play as one of these three heroes, choosing another to fight by your side as you battle through Tar-Baphon's minions.

According to BKOM and Paizo, just one victory against Tar-Baphon won't be enough to seal him away for good.

Rather, you'll have to "confront him again and again" in order to buy the world time to prepare for his return. It seems there's nothing you can do to stop him; instead, you'll just have to delay him so that his revenge has as small an impact as possible.

If you're not familiar with BKOM's name, the studio's previous games include point-and-click RPG hybrid Sunday Gold and third-person action romp Zorro The Chronicles.

In addition to Gallowspire Survivors, BKOM is also currently working on Pathfinder: Abomination Vaults, a hack-and-slash ARPG which was fully funded on Kickstarter eight days before its campaign was up.

Abomination Vaults is a little further out than Gallowspire Survivors, though. It's currently expected to land on PC sometime in summer 2025.

We'll bring you more on both of BKOM's Pathfinder projects as soon as we get it. Until then, Pathfinder: Gallowspire Survivors is set to launch on PC via Steam Early Access on September 14th. You can wishlist it here.


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