Paperbound Integrates New Twitch Features

Published: March 7, 2016 1:53 PM /



Paperbound, the four-player couch co-op brawler game on Steam and PS4, just implemented new features in a recent update. Viewers on Twitch can now vote on " mutators," which affect the game when you're streaming it. Paperbound's steam news feed laid out a five step process for this, which can be seen below:

1) Go to Options->Twitch.
2) Enter your account details, including the oauth code. (
3) When you hit connect, it will save what you entered, connect to Twitch, and then attempt to connect to your channel.
4) When it says "Connected", you know that it's working. Your stream has to be active to be able to connect to the channel.
5) When you go to enter an arena (in Free for All, Team, or Campaign modes), it will show a voting screen that updates dynamically as people enter votes in chat. The voting screen will let viewers choose between two randomly-chosen mutators.

Viewers can also begin betting in who they think will win the match. Everyone starts with 1000 credits and can bet using commands like "bet 25 eddy". The command "balance" will show the remaining credits left to spend.

Voting and betting can be enabled or disabled, and viewers can individually turn them on or off. Paperbound will automatically connect to Twitch when the game loads up if either of these options are enabled. Once voting is live, messages will appear in the chat stream telling the viewers what their options are.

Paperbound released March 31, 2015 for the PC and PS4. Dissident Logic both published and developed the game. Paperbound can be played in local co-op or single player. It currently sits with a 68/100 score on Metacritic. Paperbound won the awards for Indiecade 2015 Official Selection, placed as a finalist in the Seatle Indie Game Competition, and was an Indie Prize Showcase Selection for Casual Connect Amsterdam.

Do you play Paperbound? If so, are you interested in these new features? If not, do these features make you interested in checking out a stream on Let us know in the comments below.


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